5 Summer Skincare Non-Negotiables!

5 Summer Skincare Non-Negotiables!

It's finally summertime and the livin is easy! 

All we want to do is catch some rays and relax by the pool, take a trip to an exotic beach, or enjoy the day out on a boat. The one common factor in all of these Summer activities is SUN EXPOSURE! Being mindful of the sun is something we should always keep on our radar for healthy skin but, let’s face it, it is kind of inevitable for the next couple of months. 

Instead of pretending like we will stay safely indoors all summer long, we have decided to face reality and instead provide you all with a simple list of steps to follow for this glorious sunny season.



    We need to continuously replenish our bodies (and skin!) with trace minerals and electrolytes. Drinking your body weight in ounces, divided by 2, of water per day during summer months will help to keep us healthy and our bodies thriving. If you’re feeling extra crazy or living an a relly arid environment, feel free to add 20 oz to that number! (Ex: weight: 130lb, drink at least 60 oz of water, or 80 oz for extra hydration!) Snacking on summer fruit and veggies throughout the day such as watermelon, jicama, berries, pineapple, celery, cucumbers, and cantaloupe can assist in keeping us cool and hydrated all day long.


       While the weather outside is scorching, especially for us in the Southwestern region of the USA, we also want to avoid indulging in a long hot shower. Keeping our shower temperature on the cooler side has been proven to have many health benefits, skincare being just one of them! Hot water can strip our skin of natural oils, causing unwanted dryness and irritation. If we choose to immerse our bodies into cooler water, our blood vessels will constrict, providing tighter pores and reduced inflammation and redness. Lucky for us, this time of year is actually one where we can enjoy a cool shower!



        This is the big one! Choose your moisturizer wisely, keep it as clean as you can and repeat multiple times a day if necessary. Our Body Oils and Lip Balms have been formulated to combat that dry, itchy feeling of summer sun-exposure on the delicate skin of the face, and lips, but also the more robust skin of the entire body. Keeping your skin moisturized before and after sun-exposure will not only help your skin stay hydrated all Summer long, but will impact the way your skin ages through the years. 

        Pro-tip: use the Body Oil on dewy, damp skin for best results. 


        4. NO SCRATCHING

          That’s it. Really. Especially after strong sun exposure or extreme sunburns! Be really cautious to not scratch! This can damage your skin even further than it may have been after a long day out in the sun. 


          5. COOL OFF, BE SUN SMART

            Our final tip for all of you beautiful people is to do your best to cool off and be sun smart. Pay attention to the time of day you plan to be outside. Early morning, typically before 10 am is best. 

            Use our Olivespa Face Toner daily to help cool your skin down and relieve any inflammation and irritation that may be triggered by the sun. Always remember to use plenty of sunscreen, take advantage of the shade when it’s available, and wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever possible.

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