How to Use Olive Oil for Nail Health in Between Manicures

How to Use Olive Oil for Nail Health in Between Manicures

While regular manicures can keep your nails looking polished, they can also strip them of natural moisture and leave them prone to damage. Enter extra virgin olive oil, a simple and effective remedy that can help promote nail health in between manicures. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, olive oil provides the nourishment your nails need to stay strong and beautiful.

1. Cuticle Care with Olive Oil:
Dry and ragged cuticles can not only affect the appearance of your nails but also lead to discomfort. To keep your cuticles in optimal condition, follow these steps:
- Start by washing your hands and nails to ensure they're clean.
- Simply rub one of our all natural olive oil Lotion Sticks all over finger tips and cuticles. This can be done multiple times per day/overnight to preserve cuticle strength.

2. Nail Strengthening Soak:
Weak nails that are prone to splitting and breaking can benefit from a nourishing olive oil soak.
- In a small bowl, combine equal parts warm water and extra virgin olive oil.
- Soak your nails in the mixture for around 10-15 minutes.
- Gently pat your nails dry after the soak.

3. DIY Olive Oil Nail Serum:
Create your own nail serum using olive oil to provide long-lasting nourishment to your nails.
- Mix equal parts of olive oil and vitamin E oil in a small dropper bottle.
- Apply a drop of the serum to each nail and massage it in, focusing on the nail beds and surrounding skin.
- Leave the serum on for at least 30 minutes before washing your hands.

4. Overnight Intensive Treatment:
For a more intensive treatment, consider applying olive oil before bed and letting it work its magic overnight.
- Before going to bed, apply a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil in the form of our Lavender Rose Hand Salve onto your hands.
- Gently massage the oil into your nails and surrounding skin.
- Slip on a pair of clean cotton gloves to prevent the oil from transferring onto your bedding.
- Wake up to noticeably moisturized and revitalized nails.

Incorporating olive oil into your nail care routine between manicures can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your nails. Its natural moisturizing properties, combined with essential vitamins and nutrients, work together to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, and prevent dryness. By giving your nails the nourishment they deserve, you'll be on your way to showcasing strong, beautiful nails that reflect your overall well-being and self-care.