Is Bakuchi Oil the Same as Bakuchiol?

Is Bakuchi Oil the Same as Bakuchiol?

Retinol has gotten a lot of press lately for good reason. It contains a high amount of vitamin A used to regenerate the skin and treat basically every skin issue under the sun. Wrinkles? Try retinol. Hyperpigmentation? Retinol will help. 

However, prescription grade retinol is not vegan (most is made from eggs, liver, and fish), and is not always suited for those with sensitive skin. That’s where bakuchi oil and bakuchiol come in. So what are they? What’s the difference between the two? And why are they important?

Bakuchi oil comes from the kidney-shaped seed of the bakuchi plant and has recently become well known for its natural retinol capabilities on the skin. The reason it has those capabilities is because it contains the chemical component.. bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is the perfect ingredient for those with sensitive skin who are unable to tolerate prescription grade retinol such as tretinoin. A 2019 study found no difference between bakuchiol and prescription grade retinol in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The complaint of many with sensitive skin is that pharmaceutical retinol makes their skin red and peeling. However, bakuchiol is gentle enough to use every single night without pause. 

Bakuchi oil is an intense hydrator, it is known to boost the production of types I, III, and IV collagen, to noticeably reduce fine lines and wrinkles and enhance overall firmness. This oil is also known to tone and even out the skin's complexion, reducing pigmentation and sun-damaged skin. That’s why we added bakuchiol to our new Ageless Face Night Oil