Crafting Pure Beauty: From Olive Trees to Skincare Dreams with Brenda Rae

Crafting Pure Beauty: From Olive Trees to Skincare Dreams with Brenda Rae

Brenda Rae is the founder of Olivespa, a natural skincare line that originated from her interest in using olive oil for its moisturizing properties. Her journey began in 1998 when she moved to Arizona with her husband, Perry, and their four children (at the time) to start Queen Creek Olive Mill, an olive farm and mill. They planted 1,000 olive trees, took courses, and learned everything they could about olive oil. 

Having ridden the humble olive to local culinary fame, Brenda struck on the idea of exploiting the fruit’s moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. Brenda was motivated to explore natural skincare solutions due to her children's mild eczema and the dry Arizona climate. Rea started her skincare operations in her kitchen with the help of her three daughters. She began creating body oils, soaps, and lip balms in her kitchen. One of her daughters who is now the manager of Olivespa, Joey, said, “It was kinda like our high school job.” Joey officially joined the business in 2018, bringing expertise in Western Herbalism, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition to the team.

The demand for her products grew, leading to the establishment of Olivespa in 2012. Her olive oil skin care products became so popular she expanded the original line, which has grown to include baby oil, hand salves, lotion sticks, face wash, toner,  men's products, and more. 

“I would rather live a toxin-free life. It just so happens that the products work really well too, so that’s a plus,”  Rea said.

Brenda's dedication to natural and clean skincare is reflected in Olivespa's handcrafted products, which are made in small batches using unrefined, fair trade, cruelty-free, and raw ingredients. 

Rea said, “I would love to see Olivespa as a leader in clean beauty. I would really love to see us being able to support all women, any age with any type of skin issue in whatever way that would happen.”

 Brenda's commitment to natural and effective skincare has transformed Olivespa into a trusted name in the industry. Her innovative use of olive oil, inspired by her personal quest to alleviate her children's eczema, highlights her dedication to quality and wellness. Brenda continues to drive Olivespa forward with a focus on sustainability, family values, and the highest standards of natural beauty products. She wants nothing more than to help people’s skin health thrive!