The 411 On Our NEW Exfoliating Face Polish

The 411 On Our NEW Exfoliating Face Polish

New Product Alert!

Olivespa has just introduced their new Exfoliating Face Polish, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first batches and I’m here to give you the 411.

Before I share my experience using Olivespa’s Exfoliating Face Polish, let me share with you a bit about why the ingredients are so fantastic.

The key ingredients in this new product are neem powder, bamboo, and rosehip seed. Neem powder is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. This means it will both help diminish blackheads and prevent new breakouts from occurring. Bamboo powder is extremely gentle, making this a perfect ingredient for those with sensitive skin. Finally, rosehip seed is a deeply nourishing and hydrating part of the rose plant. Rosehip seed has a high Vitamin A concentration which makes this ingredient perfect for helping to brighten the skin. 

The result of combining these ingredients is a gentle yet effective skincare tool used to physically exfoliate the skin.

I used the face polish for the first time in the shower, which I highly recommend because it gave me a little steam action as well. First of all, let’s talk about the satisfaction of the shake and sprinkle into my hand. WHOA! It’s actually fun, I felt like I was about to mix up a fancy cocktail or something. The powder mixes with water and forms this perfect paste of creaminess. I felt absolutely inclined to start rubbing this all over my face and I knew I wasn’t going to scratch my face or cause any damage because the texture is almost buttery.  Using a slow circular motion, I indulged my skin with the exfoliating face polish. After a quick rinse my skin felt absolutely revived, refreshed, and renewed. 

I have used Olivespa Exfoliating Face Polish regularly a couple times a week since the initial test. It is safe to say this stuff is the real deal, my skin is GLOWING and feeling healthier than ever.  Keeping this product on rotation in my skincare routine helps to clear free radicals, support new skin cell growth, and fight off bacteria. 10/10 recommend, 5/5 stars, this one is a game-changer!

- Este Rea