Why Face Toner is Important

Why Face Toner is Important

You probably either use or have at least heard of face toners and wondered, do I really need this step in my skincare routine? We’re all for keeping it simple here at Olivespa, but a toner is a step in our routine that we refuse to skip.

So what’s the point of a face toner and why is it important anyways? 

A toner comes after a face wash in your routine, and there are two different types: astringent and balancing/hydrating. 

If you have oily and/or acne prone skin you’ll probably benefit from an astringent toner. These toners include ingredients like: salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or mandelic acid.  You also might have heard these referred to as AHA, BHA, or PHA chemical exfoliants. These toners are powerful tools in your skincare arsenal, but using them too often can cause irritation which is why it’s best to only use them a couple times of week. 

If you have dry, sensitive, redness prone skin or just normal skin and want a boost, you’ll  benefit from a balancing toner. Balancing toners include ingredients such as rose, hyaluronic acid, green tea, or ceramides. These types of toners can be used daily because they are so gentle. Balancing toners support the skin barrier and help to balance skin’s pH level. 

Using a face toner is an important step after cleansing because it helps to prep and balance the skin before moisturizing, and can help address any specific skin concerns. 

We love our hydrating face toner because it contains witch hazel, lavender, and rose absolute (to only name a few ingredients). This gives you the benefit of a gentle astringent like witch hazel, with the soothing properties of lavender and rose. Our hydrating face toner is gentle enough to be used daily.