Gentle Baby Olive Oil Soap

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Our all-natural olive oil soap is the most gentle and mild of all soaps. We add healing oats to help soothe and prevent dry skin, making it ideal for babies and children, or anyone with sensitive skin. We believe in the power of nature with no chemical additives. The result is pure, clean, baby fresh skin.

For every 3 bars of soap sold, we donate 1 to a local women's shelter as part of our Olivespa Gives Back campaign.

WARNING:Adult supervision recommended. Avoid contact with eyes

How To Use:

Gently lather the soap against your baby’s skin or a soft washcloth and rinse with warm water to remove the soap. Be sure to avoid contact with eyes. Allow bar to dry completely between uses to lengthen the life of the soap.


*Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, *Matricaria recutita (chamomile) infused water, Sodium hydroxide, *Avena sativa (oats)

*Organic/organically grown

Key Ingredients


Squalene-rich natural moisturizer packed with antioxidants – vitamin E and K, as well as a variety of polyphenols; anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic


Strongly anti-inflammatory, helps to soothe and protect dry and sensitive skin; gentle enough for most skin


Strongly soothing and anti-inflammatory for itchy, dry and easily irritated skin.Brings moisture into the skin while reducing redness and inflammation