How to Incorporate More Vitamin C Into your Life

How to Incorporate More Vitamin C Into your Life

Vitamin C plays a key role in ageing gracefully. This nutrient is a strong antioxidant that has proven benefits when applied topically to the skin and when taken internally through food or as a supplement. Some of the benefits of using vitamin C are increased collagen production, prevention, protection, and treatment of uv damaged skin, and a brighter and more even complexion.

So why not bring more Vitamin C into you life?

Here are 5 simple and achievable ways to get more C into your daily routine:

  1. Drink 1 glass of water with a lemon squeezed into it.
    Lemons are a great and tasty way to get a good dose of vitamin C. There are several other benefits you may reap from drinking a glass of this daily, like increased immunity and better gut health.

  2. Have an orange or grapefruit!
    Citrus is one of the best and easiest ways to get vitamin c into your diet! A typical orange contains about 70 mg of vitamin C, and a grapefruit contains about 76 mg. This is just about enough for your entire day’s worth of Vitamin C… but don’t stop there ;)

  3. Take a high quality vitamin C supplement.
    Work this into your daily routine in order to up your vitamin C intake and to make sure you are getting enough each day… But make sure you research the brand and make sure they have high standards and abide by the cGMP practices.The good thing about Vitamin C supplements is that they come in many forms, powders, gels, pills and chewables, so you can choose what works best for you!
  4. Snack on bell peppers!
    Bell peppers are super high in vitamin C, a cup of chopped bell pepper contains around 120 mg of vitamin C! They are the perfect snack with a little bit of hummus or some other kind of dip, or even just on their own!

  5. Use a topical vitamin C.
    At Olivespa, our Advanced Vitamin C Powder is a great way to layer your skin with Vitamin C. We formulated this to bring you a powerful daily addition to your skincare routine, our Advanced Vitamin C Powder contains ferulic acid to stabilize and enhance the effect of the vitamin C. Together, these potent antioxidants support skin cell regeneration and the integrity of the skin. 

We hope these quick tips help you with getting more vitamin C into you life, we all need it!