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Pamper baby with a selection of  our gentle and nourishing baby products. This gift set covers full body cleansing, full body moisturization and baby bum care.

How To Use:

  • Baby Bum Butter
    Apply to baby's clean, dry bottom, to prevent and soothe diaper rash. Use with every diaper change and as often as needed. Also effective anywhere baby has dry skin issues.
  • Gentle Baby Oil
    Massage daily onto baby's clean skin using gentle circular motion, from head to toe, focusing on any dry areas.
  • Gentle Baby Olive Oil Soap
    Gently lather the soap against your baby’s skin or a soft washcloth and rinse with warm water to remove the soap. Be sure to avoid contact with eyes. Allow bar to dry completely between uses to lengthen the life of the soap.


  • Baby Bum Butter
  • 2 oz Gentle Baby Oil
  • Gentle Baby Soap

Key Ingredients

Nourish and nurture baby with our all natural baby oil that soothes and softens baby’s delicate skin. Mama will love this too!

Our all-natural olive oil soap is the most gentle and mild of all soaps. We add healing oats to help soothe and prevent dry skin, making it ideal for babies and children, or anyone with sensitive skin.

Our Baby Bum Butter is simple and effective for diaper rash and dry, sensitive baby skin. It is just what baby needs to keep a lush, soft bum without worry of using harsh ingredients. Our simple recipe contains whole, natural, unrefined and organic ingredients.